About Us

HubMatrix co-founders have more than 10 years of experience in specialised fields of facility management, utility risk management, manpower and attrition management and automation services with data analytics. Penetration of IT services in these business areas and providing business intelligence is very limited which motivated us to form HubMatrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Taking this challenge, HubMatrix has developed IT products which focus on data gathering, modelling & analysis of data giving critical business inputs to improve efficiency and reduce cost and manpower dependency.

At HubMatrix work environment supports optimism and we foresee each challenge as an opportunity to provide technological solutions with an objective for cost reduction, improve work efficiency, reduce manpower dependency and provide detail analysis of what data is conveying.

Our Vision

Understanding and visualising data through our products will help our clients to control cost, manpower dependency, improve work efficiency through business intelligence. We have a vision to create a remote command centre for data analytics to provide real time information on critical inputs and help to take a strategic decisions.

Our Team

Mr. Pradip Menon

MD & Founder

Mr. Parag Khatavkar

COO & Founder

Mr. Vikram Garade

VP Marketing & Founder

Mr. Lipson Paul

Finance Director & Founder